I came in contact with this Vive Naturals brand around November of last year 2019, threw a friend of mine that was very excited to help me with my personal hair issues (which I took pictures of before I started the treatment) She also mentioned that the skin care line was very superior and it provides a instant results on my skin. So I decided to take photos as she explained to me I should do. Well here are my results while only applying the Vive 3-step hair restoration treatment plus I also used the Vive complete skin care line. Look at the difference two weeks made on my skin. All my family was wondering if I went to a spa and got facial treatments. Little did they know that I was using this brand that I felt in my heart that I should try them. (It was easy when my friend told me they were all 100% natural with organic ingredeints that absorbs right into my skin and give me these results). Now that I seen the results myself I contacted the company to see if I could start representing them in the North and South Carolina’s  area. They said yes!! Now I’m establishing account all around the Carolinas area with a very easy way to show the potential buyers my personal results. That’s how easy it is to do business with store, salons, spa’s and pharmacy’s.  Thanks to the Vive Naturals company for changing my life and providing me a great way to make a side income without leaving what I’m currently doing now which is to help other with their legal registration here in the USA. Rise Up Services now includes the complete line of this world class hair and skin care brand I call “The Fountain Of Youth” Vive Naturals you Rock!

MariCarmen From North Carolina


My name is Daniel D. I’m originally from Brazil and have been in the USA for two years now. I meet the owner of this brand called Vive Naturals who he was claiming that his clinically tested to stop hair loss. A hair restoration three step system that includes a restoration shampoo/ conditioner and my favorite a scalp cream. By the way none of these products are grease or smelly.  I did not tell him that I was going to test the products myself but I decided to take him up on trying this unknown brand. Well here goes, I took pictures as soon as I purchased the Vive 3- step hair treatment and here is my 19 day before and after with applying daily the Vive 3 step shampoo/ conditioner/ scalp cream. I’m not only a believer but look at how well and how fast is goes to work in restoring my hair personally.I  recommend you to buy this Vive Naturals products. You won’t be disappointed. Go ahead and “Get Your Vive On” I did and both me and my family are all happy for me. I’m getting my hair back. Unbelievable but true!  


Daniel from the USA and from Brazil! 


Add Your Testimonial

The true miracle of this products is that its made of all natural plant based ingredients. My daughter has Ichthyosis  since birth and even her dermatologist, who only tries to prescribe products with traditional chemicals (which I refuse to apply on my daughter hair or scalp) had given up in trying to find her a solution. I go to my local health and nutrition store (Abby’s Health & Nutrition in Tampa Fl) and ask for help with my daughters symptom. They told me about the Vive Naturals brand on how its helping there customer with scalp psoriasis and recommended Vive’s shampoo, conditioner and scalp cream. I could not afford the whole 3 step system so I decided to start with the scalp cream. Like butter the excess dry skin came off her scalp and hair (which I provided this before photo of my daughters condition) To see her scalp clear up and her skin improve in front of my eyes is just shy of a miracle. This healthy brand provided what the professionals industry could not for my daughters severe dry skin condition Ichthyosis. Restoration with an all natural ingredients was so satisfying to see. Thank you Vive Naturals for what you created because if I had not found your brand in that store me and my daughter both would still be suffering from this debilitating skin disorder and finding a solution for it. We recently cut my daughter hair which children with this condition don’t normally grow there hair like my daughter can after using Vive Naturals brand. We now use all of the Vive Naturals products range and I will use anything else made by this company. Cheers!!!  

Paul S. & Clarity S. Tampa Fl


I came from Brazil to go to disney world with my wife and kids. I met the salesman Almar of Elegant beauty supply on I-Drive in Orlando. He told me his son used the Vive products and he started to grow back his hair. At first I did not believe him but he was very honest and had pictures of other customers, so I decides to use the 3 step shampoo, conditioner, scalp cream and let me tell you it feel fantastic when my wife runs her fingers threw my hair now when she could not before using Vive Naturals. My friends this products really works and I personally approve this all natural (no Chemical) hair restoration brand.   

David H. Brazil 


Vive Naturals conducted a clinical trial on there shampoo, conditioner and scalp cream. The results are 90.5% have noticed there hair growing back and more thicker and shinny. 
Here is one of the participant in the clinical who in 56 days she experience this drastic change for the better. Her hair and scalp is clean, healthy looking and defiantly more hair. Just buy this brand, you don’t have anything to lose but more hair.    

Angela P.


I just want to know how and why is my hair growing in with my natural color from my youth. My name is Tim H. and I started using the vive shampoo products after my new bride introduced me to it in the shower. She has been using vive for some time now. I noticed the difference within a month or so. She mentioned if I was using anything to darken my hair. I told her that the only products I have been using is the vive shampoo and conditioner she has in the shower stall. I am amazed to see the difference its making I my appearance now that I look years younger with my new dark hair. It’s like the fountain of youth. I like this benefit that I get from using an all natural and chemical free brand. Cant wait till it all goes back to my natural color from birth. Great products the vive naturals company makes. I’m gonna try their skin products soon. 

Tim H.  From the USA.

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After seeing one of my employees using the vive products I decided to give it a try myself. I was loosing hair and could not stop it from continuing to do so. I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and the scalp cream and started to take pictures for my own research to prove it would or would not work for me. My wife started to notice the difference in how my hair looked and felt. I was in denial at first but was very hopeful after seeing the product work on my employee.  Its been six months and I am so excited to show my family and friends how the vive hair products has and still is working for me. Forever your customer for life! 

Norberto J

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I like the way the body lotion feels on my skin and all over my body, but what its done for my scaring after I had spinal surgery is just amazing. Here are the photos we took of our scars. Sorry for the graphic pictures.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3213-1-1024x1024.jpg

Moses M.


I started using vive naturals when a neighbor told me about it. He was so sure it would work for me that he took pictures. These are my true before and after photos of my use with the vive naturals shampoo and conditioner. 

Javier M.  Lutz Florida 


Tested Vive for myself.                  Click to enlarge any photo.         

I started using the Vive shampoo/ conditioner & scalp cream but first I decided to take a picture after I took my haircut. Then like clock work, one month later I took my second (monthly) haircut, I took the second picture of my scalp and I noticed a slight difference. It was the third month when i took my haircut that I knew that Vive has the product I need to help restore my hair. And by the way its all natural too! Thanks Vive, keep up the good work.

Angel P.

Hair growth and new darker hair.           Click on photo to enlarge.

Believe me when I tell you that you have to see my scalp to believe how the Vive hair trio products not only is helping to restore my hair but look at the color of my new hair!
Yes it black in color. My barber was astonished when he cut my hair just 2 months after I stated using this amazing all natural products. I took pictures like the salesman told me to do.

Rocko M.

Looking to stop my hair loss Just two months later

With the use of vive shampoo/ conditioner and scalp cream       Click on photo to enlarge.

When I noticed that my alopecia was filling in and my hair was not falling out. I massage the shampoo for around a 30 second to a minute or so then I left it on for two or three minutes. I also rinsed it off and did it again a second time. (the direction saids to do so) Then I massage again with the conditioner and leave on for about a minute or two. The last and final step with my hair still slightly wet I applied the Vive scalp creams. Its not greasy and smells clean. That’s what I like the most plus It has no chemicals at all (ZERO) plus the scent is very natural too! I knew that I was onto something good.

John C

. John CJohn shows results in just 3 months

I took a chance with this products.

I met the Vive Naturals company at the Orlando Fl  SOHO show – I actually bought some of their products at the booth and I have been using it even since – so far the results have been great!

Mildred M.

Works in a good reasonable time 2-3 months

These products are exceptional. My hair has gotten thicker & fuller. I highly recommend trying them. Don’t expect overnight results. All good things take time. But, you will definitely see results. Buy it, & you’ll see for yourself. Vive Natural hair & skin products are # 1 in my book.

Lucy C.

These natural products really work!

Vive products are 100% the real deal. I am a CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer in Tampa, FL. Durning training it is very common for me and my clients to have calluses as well as broken or torn skin on our hands. When using the lotion not only does it prevent torn calluses, but it helps expedite the recovery process! Thank you for an amazing product.

Geroge M.

Vive revitalizing facial cream and wash

The Vive products are great! I have a deep crease between my eyebrows and used it last night. This morning I was doing my morning routine getting ready to go out and realized that the crease was not as prominent! This facial cream will be a staple for me! Love that it has natural ingredients.

Maria M.


Refreshing body spritzer spray

We live in Uganda, Africa where malaria is a huge problem all the time. A friend gave us some bottles of vive refreshing body spritzer because she heard it was a great mosquito repellant…and it IS! I love that it is all natural ingredients so we’re not rubbing deet into our skin for the same protection, PLUS, bonus…it makes my skin feel great! Thanks vive folks, for working so hard to create a quality product that is free of harmful chemicals!

Debbie G.

Vive and my Dermatitis

I get stress dermatitis, mostly on my arms. I started using Vive Rejuvenating Body Lotion several weeks ago because I had another small outbreak of dermatitis.
The lotion is AMAZING. I immediately felt the relief on my skin. The dermatitis healed up quickly with daily use. The natural ingredients are fantastic and the lotion smells wonderful.
Do yourself a favor and try the lotion, or any of the Vive products. You will be amazed, too!

Joan G.

Hair Trio Products           Click on photo to enlarge.

This trio really works! My skin is healthier and my hair is fuller –

Erica D.

Straight from Atlanta

I love Vive Naturals! Amazing clean product in our chemical abused culture, especially when it comes to our skin and hair health. I have been recommending and selling this line to my clients for the prevention of hair loss or any future “surprises” of the scalp, hair and skin. Some of my clients, after using shampoo, conditioner and scalp cream for two months have noticed great improvement in the scalp and hair regrow! As a hairstylist and owner I feel like a hair hero! The Vive Naturals is the natural answer to your hair needs! Come at experience it at: Tatiana Hair Salon in Atlanta! Book now!

Tatiana  V.

Body Lotion Body Wash, Facial Cream & Eye Serum. Look at the results it gave my daughter!     Click on photo to enlarge. 




1 month after




1 month after




My daughter was born with Ichthyosis a very rare genetic disorder that causes her to have no normal skin function. We searched high and low, tried and tested everything we could find including lotions and essential oils and nothing would absorb into her skin, everything slid off! We were introduced at our local store health store to Vive Naturals Scalps Cream as my daughter suffered hair loss, while we had great success with the Scalp Cream we had not tried the Vive Naturals body lotion yet. On inspection of the ingredients it seemed perfect for us, no chemicals , organic and exactly what we were looking for to apply to a young child. Let me tell you this if you are still reading, this lotion is the best out there, it’s the silkiest , smoothest , highly absorbable , non greasy and one of the great all natural products out there. It smells even better than all that too. It leaves our daughters skin who suffers with erithrederma too with nearly baby soft silky smooth skin for hours. We love this for our very baby, you will too.

Paul S.

Lotion and Hair products

I met the Vive Naturals company at the SOHO show – I actually bought some of their products at the booth and I have been using it – so far the results have been great!

Mildred R.

Silky Smooth Skin

I love that the Vive Natural’s is GMO free and is 100% natural. I tried the hand cream and the enjoyed the soft fragrance and it left my skin nice and soft. I also liked the Shampoo and the wonderful healthy ingredients in the shampoo.

Lizette M

Hair Care is Amazing         Click on photo to enlarge.



Personally met Vive Naturals at a local health food store by chance.  Bought two of the products (Shampoo & Conditioner Duo Pack). Love the texture & aroma. Two months later and I documented my personal results, just like the representative said to do. Amazing product.

Angie L.

Best Body Lotion

The Vive Naturals is the BEST way to go by far…. I put the body cream on my niece one day with in a couple hours the bites went away…It even Helps on rashes, dab a little vive cream and it soothes the itch with in minutes. VIVE NATURALS will help heal your skin the natural way.
Thank you Moses for bring Vive Naturals to us ..

Amber M.

GREAT Facial Cream Really Works        Click on photo to enlarge.

Thank you for the revitalizing facial cream. Trying to be healthier and wanting to use more products that are good for you, it’s great to find something that will help me look better, that is organic and safe to use. I say to everyone, if you want to take care of yourself, start by using products that are safe and good for your body. Great product, great results! –

Jessica Q

Looking for hope with my skin conditions 3 months with Vive skin care line

An it’s 100% all natural too!

I use the Vive Naturals products and really enjoy them Their “Under Eye and Facial Serum” is superb. Results are noticed within days after one begins using it. I also love their Body Spritzer and their hair care line. This one of the Best All Natural body care lines out there….really worth a try!

Bob C.

My personal experience

For those who have not tried these products, I say “Try them right away!” If you have scalp or hair loss issues, you should read the testimonials of those who have found how beneficial they are for both the scalp as well as the hair itself. For those with painful or unsightly skin conditions, you would not believe some of the stories of how the skin care products have performed. It is no exaggeration to say that these 100% natural products are transformative. I challenge you to see for yourself just how powerful these products are and how they really could improve the lives of sufferers.

David S.

Beauty expert in my environment

I had just gotten to the shop this morning when a Customer walked in..I had recognized her from a couple of weeks ago when I had sold her every product in the ViVe line. She had recently been through a long bout with Chemotherapy and lost all of her hair and in addition her skin and nails were very fragile. The reason for her visit was to thank me for taking the time to introduce her to this line and let me know how very pleased she was with the results.. She said “look! I even have nails now!” I showed her mine and said “ME TOO!” She asked me to assure that you would never discontinue or change anything : ) I told her you wouldn’t and that we all know that it’s perfection as is.

Debbie R.

A family affair 

Love this product! All natural and organic! Only thing that helps my psoriasis. I use the skin line everyday and my husband ‘s receding hairline disappeared…he now has hair! A must try!  Karen G.

OMG I love these products

These products are amazing, the rejuvenating body lotion, leave your skin super hydrated, and smell delicious. The renewing body wash leaves your skin so soft and makes a really nice lather.  I love these products. They are beyond good, their healthy and incredible !! ????????❤love it!

Yenie L.

Retailer Beauty Supply

Just 1 week later and even more improvement to there skin and hair. My customers that are using it keep coming back for more Vive Naturals! I can not even keep the shelves stocked without calling for more. Love it!

Sandra H.

This works pretty quickly

I have been using this whole line for 3 days now and am seeing amazing results quickly.. My finger nails are healing and growing from using the body lotion. My skin all over is more supple and soft. My hair is noticeably healthier and thicker..face, neck and under eye area glowing and more firm…I counted 6 clients today that asked me how I had such beautiful skin! Every single one of these products are fabulously outstanding to say the least! Thank you Vive Naturals.

Cathy L.

No need for expensive products

One more thing..I was telling a customer today about this line because she obviously needed help, she quickly cut me off and said that she was using a very expensive product from her Dermatologist… Not to be mean but her skin looked unhealthy, hence the reason I tried to introduce her to Vive Naturals..moral of the story, you don’t need to throw money away on costly items anymore. Thank you for your brilliance in regards to ingredients and purity. I am very excited.

Mary J.

Whole new level of skin care

WOW! Absolutely amazing instant results! I haven’t been this excited about a product in a long time and can’t wait to tell my family and friends! I can go on and on but I have been in this industry for a long time and have never seen anything that compares cost wise or with these results..so entirely pumped up to the max with joy right now! You guys took skin care to a whole new level..

Sara H

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Worth every penny 

I got the duo pack and scalp cream set for Vive Naturals  because I believe you need to use the same thing or brand when doing a treatment.
I suffer from occasional stress and when I AM STRESSED my hair tends to fall out and looks damaged.
I have been using this for a week now and maybe I havent seen lots of results but I can say for sure that my hair feels stronger. It is more shiny, vivid and Alive.
What caught my attention about Vive is the composition of natural ingredients and oils, no chemicals.

Angela H.

Cancer survivor

I’ve been experiencing a lot of hair loss lately I believe due to anti cancer medication I’ve been on since January.
I completely hate losing hair though and so I purchased this shampoo, conditioner and scalp cream in the hope that it will help prevent more loss &
encourage new growth. So far I am enjoying these products.
I noticed that my scalp is not itchy from chemo and my wig is not a struggle anymore.
The scent that I received is Eucalyptus and mint and it smells great.
I really enjoy the scent of this shampoo – it is neutral enough to be good for both men and woman.
I am also using their matching conditioner and hair cream for best results.

Kelly R.